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November 13, 2014 » Writing References: Hustlers, Harlots & Heroes

I had actually meant to post about this book several weeks ago when I was at Geek Girl Con, but better late than never. Anyway – I wish I’d found this particular resource much earlier – it would have definitely shortened some of my research time on certain things in... Read more

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November 11, 2014 » A Bit Like the Ocean

So I finally got back from World Fantasy Con on Sunday. I know I tend to be fairly quiet about where I am via social media during these things. I should probably be better about it, but a lot of it is laziness on my side, plus I have a tendency to... Read more


October 30, 2014 » Dropping Electronic Baggage

So my main hard drive gave up the ghost over the weekend. And yes the picture on the left is fairly accurate in my reaction, but eh. To be honest, I was actually able to save the majority of my data without much issue – thanks to the fact that... Read more


October 14, 2014 » Juggling

I’m not a particularly good multi-tasker. This is mostly an issue with priorities and trying to figure out what task is most important. And there might be a bit of procrastination/procrastination thing happening along with that too. (Pros and cons to both, but the end result is that things don’t... Read more