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2016-02-10 07.36.52

February 10, 2016 » Tangled Threads

I’ve been picking up my sewing in the evenings over the last week or so. Part of this is because I so rarely seem to find time do it. Since I’m waiting on feedback from my agent, I decided a few days of guilt-free crafting was deserved. As hobbies go,... Read more

2016-01-23 15.26.10

February 4, 2016 » Sitting Pretty

So we all survived the winter storm, more or less. Not that 30 inches is anything to sneeze at – but we didn’t lose power, and quite frankly that was the one thing I was really worried about. The kids were off of school for over a week, but aside... Read more

2016-01-22 07.15.08

January 22, 2016 » The Calm Before the Storm

I took a picture of the sunrise this morning. I hadn’t been sleeping well anyway, so I figured I’d just get up, even though the kids have no school. Of course, somewhere around noon today the snow should start up and continue for about 36 hours. I’m not a big... Read more

2016-01-14 08.30.26

January 14, 2016 » Notes and Things

I’m pretty sure if you ask most writers they have a fairly substantial pile of notebooks lying about. Whether they’re book bibles, or on specific research subjects, or simply inspirational journals, I would guess that most of us keep them. To be honest there’s nothing quite as satisfying for me... Read more