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...A BRUSH OF DARKNESS is a first rate, stand-out addition to the genre, and the world of Abby Sinclair is rich in lore, complexity, heart, and humor...

Kelly Gay, Award-winning author of The Better Part of Darkness


Anyone looking for wit, verve, and a fascinatingly complex world in their urban fantasy can stop right here! Allison Pang has what you need.

Jill Myles, author of Gentlemen Prefer Succubi and Succubi Like It Hot


Weird, wild, and ultimately wonderful, A BRUSH OF DARKNESS is a joy from start to finish, with a completely unique mythology that's as fun to figure out as it is to read.

Seanan McGuire, Award-winning author of the October Daye series


Allison Pang's refreshingly creative world building, quirky characters (the unicorn!), and razor sharp humor weave irresistible magic... I can't wait for more!

Jaye Wells, author of Red-Headed Stepchild


...A very promising beginning presented by a delightfully imaginative author...

Night Owl Reviews (4 out 5 stars)

Sins Virtues AAD

April 10, 2014 » Authors After Dark

So I’m headed to the Authors After Dark con in August this year – here’s a little more info about it if you guys want to come hang out.  :) (As an aside, there’s a good chance that Kelly Meding and I will be setting up an impromptu bar game... Read more


April 2, 2014 » Cleansing of the Palate

It’s been one of those odd mornings. I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep, but I didn’t really want to get up either, so I was basically just laying there for while surfing the net on my phone. It’s sort of a lousy way to spend... Read more

2014-02-24 08.43.33

February 24, 2014 » Weaving Threads

I’m not entirely sure what possessed me into thinking I might be able to teach a 7 year old the beginnings of cross-stitching. But we’re trying it anyway. I made some major headway with my revisions this weekend – so to reward myself I pulled out my current cross-stitch project.... Read more


February 10, 2014 » Routine

It’s been a rough couple of weeks over at the Pang house. Between snow days and sick kids, the daily schedule has been upset a little more than I’d like it to be. And then tack on last week, which was nearly a complete waste as I succumbed to a... Read more