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July 28, 2014 » Percolation

This past weekend was the time of conventions apparently. Between SDCC, RWA and assorted smaller venues, pretty much everyone I know was at something.  And while I would have liked to be there, I was traveling up and back from NJ to pick up the oldest sprog from summer camp. (Lots of... Read more


July 24, 2014 » Giving an Avatar a Chance

So it turns out that the latest season of Korra has suddenly been moved to digital only due to bad ratings.  I’m assuming it’s going to be a bit more complex than that, but hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow. But ratings aside, you wouldn’t think Korra was in any trouble by... Read more


July 18, 2014 » Waiting on Something Good

I don’t really do book reviews – mostly because I don’t have time, but since I read this one when I was on vacation and the Outlander series has some special meaning for me, I figured why not?  (No spoilers, though…) And to back story that – when I was... Read more


June 26, 2014 » In the Pipe…

Not quite 5 x 5. Not yet. Yes, it’s an Aliens reference – but it’s been that sort of week. (And I watched it again the other night – it’s one of those comfort movies for me, for some odd reason.) At any rate, radio silence being what it is,... Read more