Magpie’s Fall Giveaway

It’s my birthday next week, but I figured I’d celebrate by doing a giveaway of my own here. Basically, two winners – your choice of a signed copy of either Magpie’s Song or Magpie’s Fall, whichever you like. Open worldwide.

(Prefer an ebook? I can do that too – just let me know!)

Contest will end next Wednesday (my bday, yo) and I’ll do the drawing on Thursday. Prizes mailed out shortly after that.

Look how pretty!! –> 


So how do you enter?

Easy way is in the comments below – I had a pretty crazy summer – so tell me something good that happened and share the love.  The rest of the options – the tweets and the FB page stuff are just extras to earn you extra chances. Also the newsletter – I don’t send out a lot of stuff on it, but it’s worth an extra chance or so.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A few other things – I had a Zazzle store a while back that used to sell Phin merchandise, and it’s still up there, but I’ve added a few new things – mostly mugs and whatnot, although I did add a lovely canvas piece by Aimo of Magpie. (And there’s almost too much stuff to put art on in there, so if you like a design and you’re just dying to have it on a different mug or something, just let me know and I’ll throw that up there.)

Also, also  – I’m investigating what it would take to turn Magpie’s Song and Magpie’s Fall into audio books. To be perfectly frank, it is NOT cheap – probably about $2500 a book, so I’m not entirely sure it would be worth it, but I do feel like it’s a market worth tapping into, assuming I can find the right narrator, but I’m weighing my options, such as they are.

So, yeah – take a chance and maybe win a signed book. 🙂

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24 Responses to Magpie’s Fall Giveaway

  1. Nikki says:

    I LOVE the painting of Magpie, it’s beautiful!
    Our summer has been pretty crazy here, but we’ve gotten to the beach several times and mania trip or two to Vermont to visit family. Had a birthday in July and today is my 14th anniversary (19 years together) so that’s my big celebration for the summer 🙂

    I also managed to crochet another dragon for a friend so that was exciting too!

  2. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Summer seemed a tad hectic, between taking the 17 year old and 20 year old to work. Then, hubby had a couple balloon twisting jobs that I assisted him with ( I keep the lines maintained and do some prep work). We attended two family reunions – hubby’s side and a late graduation party.

    My middle son got his license!

    • Raonaid Luckwell says:

      As you well know I am a mail subscriber and happy birthday! Mine is around the corner (Beginning of September)

    • allison says:

      Oh yeah – I know the hectic. And whoops! You are ALSO a winner! Congrats – I’ve sent you an email as well so please let me know if you don’t receive it.

  3. Inken says:

    The best of my summer were the four concerts I went to at a near by city. Two of them outside at a Renaissance castle courtyard, one at the baroque castle church and one a a congress hall (due to the weather that prevented it to take place outside, too). All four very different but all great in their own way! A jazz band, celtic barock, swing songs in 20s, 30s and 40s style and a classical concert with Dvorac’s “From the new world” symphony.

  4. Synde says:

    I just found out I got into a juried craft show! I’m super happy

  5. Phyllis Lamken says:

    Enjoyed a fabulous family vacation in Estes Park. Rocky Mountain Nat. Park was beautiful.

  6. Terrie Griggs says:

    I encouraged an artist to go pro/commercial & she’s actually selling! And I’m now an official patron (no money just satisfaction for me). And I met an amazing new friend who’s going to have a documentary out soon that I’ve really connected with who I can have honest conversations about hot button topics allowing me to see them from another viewpoint w/o drama or misinterpretation. Its Intellectually interesting & invaluable right now to see another’s perspective in this way.

  7. Seleste says:

    Sorry summer has been crazy for you. We did our annual extended family beach vacay, and the demons and I leave next week for our own mini-vacay (part of it will be college tours LOL). That’s honestly the most exciting stuff that has happened.

  8. Love, love your books!!

  9. Tresa Johnson says:

    We didn’t get to do much over the summer unfortunately! My husband had to work and my horse got really sick and was hospitalized…

  10. Ashley says:

    I got to visit friends for a wedding, and I’m currently on a trip outside of the country for the second time in my life, and having a great time. Vancouver is a smoky mess right now, but it’s still a really interesting city, absolutely covered in nice street art.

  11. The kidney formula I found for my big pup is keeping him stable!

  12. Renee says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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