Still Feeling Crappy.

But look! Penguins in sweaters!

This is an awesome project going on in New Zealand right now for penguins suffering from a terrible oil spill.

If I could knit, I would be all over this, but I can’t – so I spread the word, instead. (I know some of you are…*cough*bluenail*cough*)

Sorry for the lack of a real post, but I’m still really under the weather. Alas. Perhaps *I* should go put on a sweater?

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2 Responses to Still Feeling Crappy.

  1. Marin says:

    I. Knit.

    I will definitely knit for penguins, given the opportunity.

  2. bluey says:

    DUDE! Penguins! I swear, if I wasn't still jet lagged and convinced that I left half of my brain somewhere in Spain…I'd be stitching away furiously.

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