Halloween WTFkery

Vampire cow? With..um…a bat hanging onto his balls. Yeah. Okay.

I can’t even tell what that’s supposed to be a cannister *of*.

Edited to add:  Okay. It’s Spanish –> https://www.kukuxumusu.com. They draw *all* their shit that way.

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3 Responses to Halloween WTFkery

  1. Tori [book faery] says:

    This disturbs me LOL

  2. Jus Accardo says:

    I'm seriously gonna have nightmares… 😀

  3. Sara McClung says:

    LOL. Um, maybe they're his udders? Although, I guess if he has horns it's a boy and they don't have udders? (I have no idea if that's true, ha)
    idk, that' just… weird. Funny. Gross. Everything all in one 🙂

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