Randomly Random Bits

Remember when I said I was going to talk more about my off-roading trip last weekend?

Yeah, I lied.

But hey – here’s a little flavor and maniacal laughter from Lucy…

Also, I sent a mysterious package to my editor today. I can’t show you what’s in it yet because she reads this blog. *waves* Hi Danielle!

But I can show you the *outside* of the package. Helpfully decorated by Lucy as well…

(And what I actually sent out is far more covered. I took this picture and walked away and when I came back, Lucy had pretty much used up every sticker ream she owned.)

Sorry, chica!

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3 Responses to Randomly Random Bits

  1. bluey says:

    OOoh, Hello Kitty stickers – your girl's got good taste!

  2. Kay says:

    Like the artwork on your site-in-progress.  Impressive.

  3. Danielle says:

    *waves back* Hiii!!!! I love it! You guys are too cute! Can't wait till it arrives 🙂  goodness knows some happy mail will brighten my day–no matter what day it is really haha

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