Walk Without Rhythm and It Won’t Attract the Worm.

I had a different post idea today, but several hours at the new Physical Therapist’s sorta derailed that.

So here’s Christopher Walken in the Best. Video. Evar.

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5 Responses to Walk Without Rhythm and It Won’t Attract the Worm.

  1. KAK says:

    So love the Walken, particularly and as Gabriel in "The Prophecy"

  2. LynnM says:

    Is that the ear worm?

  3. mynfel says:

    Actually, it's a reference to the Spice worms from Dune. LOL. 

    Fat Boy Slim is apparently a bunch of sci fi nerds. 😉

  4. mynfel says:

    The Prophecy totally kicked ass – between CW and Eric Stoltz and Viggo as the devil, you just can't go wrong!

  5. Danica says:

    This was one of my favorite videos of all time! I mean…it's Christopher Walken! Christopher Walken, who was even great in Joe Dirt. Now I have to go put this song on my MP3 player.

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