Contracts! (And Mini Blog Contest!) aka Pimp My Title

I officially got my contract from the publisher today. I’m obviously not going to go into any sorts of details about the specifics, but it’s pretty damn cool. And scary. But mostly cool. Lots of stuff to try to figure out, but overall the language seems pretty straightforward. (Although perhaps I have a little bit of an advantage since my dad was a lawyer/is a judge. Sometimes you absorb some of the concepts just growing up around a lot of legal documents.)

In the meantime, my editor also informed me that it looks as though the publishing date for Book 1 has been bumped up. (I’ll post specific dates when I’m allowed). However, as cool as that is, it also means I need to come up with:
1) A Series Title.

2) An Actual Book Title.

Like now.

That’s right – Shadow of the Incubus needs a pimping new title. So, I know some of you have read various drafts or snippets of the book or have a vague idea of what it might be about. Hell, even if you have NO idea what it’s about, I’ll take suggestions. I think I’ve actually got the series title under control, but I’d love to hear thoughts from the peanut gallery.

Yes, there’s a prize or two involved. (One being a signed copy of the book when it comes out). The other is a silly sort of surprise revolving around a certain unicorn. Winner chosen at my discretion, of course – but even if you come close to something I use, I’ll count that as good. 🙂

Now, the original title that I wanted to use was Incubus Dreams – but that’s already in use by LKH, so no luck there. That being said, I also sorta like Dream Eater, but I’m wondering if that’s just a hair too freaky for some people.

La Tessa suggested Sexual Shadow Healing, but I suspect she was mocking me terribly.


Feel free to use light-hearted titles, but I do think I’m going to head towards the more “traditional” darker Urban Fantasy vibe, so bear that in mind.  Basic concepts involve dreams, an incubus,crossroads, touchstones, and smexy goodness of all sorts. And a horny unicorn that eats bacon and rolls around in Hello Kitty underwear, but somehow I’m guessing that’s not making the cover. 😉

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20 Responses to Contracts! (And Mini Blog Contest!) aka Pimp My Title

  1. EIBEE says:

    How about "Crossroads of Dreams"? Just my first attempt,lol.

  2. Kendris says:

    "All Things Hot & Horny"? or do you think Herriot's estate might object?

    And yes, I'm trying to come up with something serious, but this is the best my warped mind can do with no coffee…

  3. LaTessa says:

    What!?! You know Sexual Shadow Healing is the da bomb book title.  I would never mock about that…. 😉


    Ok, here are some others, since you fail to see the genius of Sexual Shadow Healing: (some are a bit silly, but when brainstorming, you have to take the good with the bad 🙂 )

    Killing & Loving at the Crossroads
    The Incubus & I… at the Crossroads…at Midnight…Dreaming
    Touching Stones and Eating Dreams (lol-ok I had to laugh at that one)

    Ok, some semi-serious ones:

    Killing Me Softly (maybe, since he lives off people dreams…. maybe not)
    Shadow Lover
    Dream Weaver

  4. LaTessa says:


    What about "The Unicorn that Bit Me?"

  5. Marin says:

    Dang.  Got distracted by the hamster and almost forgot to answer.

    Banquet of Dreams.
    The Corner of Lust and Dreams.
    Hellooooooo Kitty!

    I could do this all day.  I'll spare you.  Congratulations!

  6. KAK says:

    Ooo, titles of books I've never read. ~stabs spork at the dark~
    Erm, I'll let you decide which are mockeries and which are fur-realz.

    1) The Seduction of Dreams / Seductive Dreams
    2) Seducing the Nightmare
    3) Bacon Panties
    4) Revealing the Incubus / Exposing the Incubus / Seducing the Incubus
    5) The Purity of Dreams / Tainted Dreams
    6) The Horn in My Undies
    7) Trials of the Incubus
    8) Devouring Dreams
    9) Unicorn Kitties

  7. Jeffe says:

    I like La Tessa's suggestion of "Shadow Lover." You know I like the trio of:

    Dream Eater
    Shadow Weaver
    Dream Weaver

    But Shadow Lover could work in there, too. Of course, "Helloooooo Kitty!" is beyond brilliant. Bacon Panties should be Phin's spin-off series.

  8. Songlian says:

    I wish I could be of real help, but if it's something that I truly suck at, it's names and titles. Well, that and cheesy scenes, but that's besides the point. 

    I kinda like Shadow Dreams and Dream Weaver. Dream Eater does not sound freaky at all to me, but I see your point. 

    Good luck! If something comes to my mind, I'll let you know. 

  9. mynfel says:

    Bacon Panties FTW!!!!!

    I might have to send you something for that just on principle.

  10. Katiebabs says:

    The Man Chesty Incubus Tales?


  11. KL Grady says:

    The Strangely Erotic Tale of the Ass-Biting Unicorn

    You know in some Appalachian folk magic you go to the crossroads to make a deal with the devil, aka Daddy Down There. Particularly creepy nickname aside, I think it would make for a delectable series name: The Daddy Down There series. 😉

  12. robin k says:


    My title suggestions are:
    Dark Slumber
    Dream Demon
    Dark Reverie
    Dream Beast
    Beauty and the Rogue
    Paranormal Prision

    And for fun…
    10 Degrees of Unicorn
    Uni-horny Beast

  13. mynfel says:

    I heart you.

  14. Sara McClung says:

    Sigh. I have nothing to offer! I don't know enough about your book/series!! But my favorite suggestions from others so far is Dark Slumber. And I also really like Dream Eater!!

    and, clearly, Bacon Panties is made of awesome! 

    Um, OR you could extend it: David Garrett's Bacon Panties.


  15. mynfel says:

    Heh. I like the way you think. 😉

  16. mynfel says:

    These are some good ones!  Thanks!!

  17. mynfel says:

    You know, I actually do use that sort of Crossroad myth in the books. I have a secondary character who plays the violin and technically outplays the Devil at some point. (Think she'll be getting her own book after these three, though.)

    The Daddy Down There series sounds a bit pornographic. And maybe not in a good way. LOL.

  18. C.J. says:

    I know I'm weighing in late – how about:

    The Way Out of Hell

    I picked b/c of the crossroads idea (the way out of or to something); the demon/incubus hell reference and the implication that waking from a dream can be a nightmare (and hell when you don't want to do it).

    It also hits on the darker UF idea you have.

    What is the series title?  That may help us pick something. 

    Good luck and congrats again!

  19. mynfel says:


    The working series title is :The Mortal TouchStones, but I would like to do something else – a la Crossroads & something. I don't know what that something is. 

    And I did chat with my editor about this little blogpost – she is cool with it, but the fact of the matter is that the final decision is up to the publisher. I have to give them my top 5 choices, essentially – and even then they could nix them all, so it's not really in my hands.

    I was told, though, that I can't use the word Incubus or anything really sex related in the title. And it can't be too Paranormal Romance like. I dunno. It' a very fine line to walk. 

    But I may just send a free copy to everyone who threw out a suggestion. 🙂

  20. Nessa says:

    Sigh, I want to help, but I suck at names and titles, so I can't help there.. at least not right now. But if anything comes up, I'll let you know. =)

    I like Shadow Dreams and Dream Eater. It doesn't sound too freaky to me, but like Song said, I see your point.

    Edit: I   know it's late, but better late than never, right? 🙂  How about just Shadow Healing, or Dream Demon or something like that? Incubus is sort of a demon, if I remember correctly?
    I don't know, my energy level is sinking rapidly, as is my imagination, so it may just be complete crap, but it's something.. after 40 min of thinking. Lol. Anyway, I should stop while it makes some sense. 😛

    Good luck!

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