Contracts! (And Mini Blog Contest!) aka Pimp My Title

I officially got my contract from the publisher today. I’m obviously not going to go into any sorts of details about the specifics, but it’s pretty damn cool. And scary. But mostly cool. Lots of stuff to try to figure out, but overall the language seems pretty straightforward. (Although perhaps I have a little bit of an advantage since my dad was a lawyer/is a judge. Sometimes you absorb some of the concepts just growing up around a lot of legal documents.)

In the meantime, my editor also informed me that it looks as though the publishing date for Book 1 has been bumped up. (I’ll post specific dates when I’m allowed). However, as cool as that is, it also means I need to come up with:
1) A Series Title.

2) An Actual Book Title.

Like now.

That’s right – Shadow of the Incubus needs a pimping new title. So, I know some of you have read various drafts or snippets of the book or have a vague idea of what it might be about. Hell, even if you have NO idea what it’s about, I’ll take suggestions. I think I’ve actually got the series title under control, but I’d love to hear thoughts from the peanut gallery.

Yes, there’s a prize or two involved. (One being a signed copy of the book when it comes out). The other is a silly sort of surprise revolving around a certain unicorn. Winner chosen at my discretion, of course – but even if you come close to something I use, I’ll count that as good. 🙂

Now, the original title that I wanted to use was Incubus Dreams – but that’s already in use by LKH, so no luck there. That being said, I also sorta like Dream Eater, but I’m wondering if that’s just a hair too freaky for some people.

La Tessa suggested Sexual Shadow Healing, but I suspect she was mocking me terribly.


Feel free to use light-hearted titles, but I do think I’m going to head towards the more “traditional” darker Urban Fantasy vibe, so bear that in mind.  Basic concepts involve dreams, an incubus,crossroads, touchstones, and smexy goodness of all sorts. And a horny unicorn that eats bacon and rolls around in Hello Kitty underwear, but somehow I’m guessing that’s not making the cover. 😉

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