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Die Historic…

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So in about 6 hours I’ll be on a plane headed out west for a short getaway to Moab. It’s a family thing – Jeeping and hiking and probably melting into a canyon somewhere along the way. It’s an awesome bit of planning on my part really – what better way to celebrate the release of Magpie’s Song than to ensure I’m in the middle of nowhere with limited internet? *ahem* Well anyway, yes. Tuesday is the date – I am hoping to at least get a couple of posts and social media things scheduled but to be honest, the way things have gone this week, I have my doubts.  I sort of envision the next few days will be less Fury Road and something closer to the peyote scene from Young Guns. You know. This one: Yeah. One can hope, maybe. Eh. I’ll post some pictures up on Instagram… Read more


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I’m not a particularly good multi-tasker. This is mostly an issue with priorities and trying to figure out what task is most important. And there might be a bit of procrastination/procrastination thing happening along with that too. (Pros and cons to both, but the end result is that things don’t get done like they should.) With a deadline looming, I find it easier to get things done, or written, as the case may be. Which, to be fair, is pretty much a no-brainer. Want money? Get X done. End of story. But right now I’m on submission with a book and a short story (which may end up in limbo as the magazine I subbed to changed editors just as I got the email telling me I’d made it up the chain, so it’s a waiting game, all the way around.) In the meantime, I have some Fox & Willow… Read more