True Blood Photoshop WTFkery.

I’ve been editing all day, but at some point last night, in between writing up new scenes and deleting others…and Googling online for some…um…inspiration, I stumbled upon something rather shameful.

Edited to add: Apparently this was fan-made, so suppose you can all ignore the rant below and just enjoy the pictures.  That’s what I get for jumping the gun.  Grrrr.

No, it’s not *technically* the half-naked Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. (aka Eric the Viking)

It’s the fact that it’s not actually him.

I present Exhibit A, found last night:

Seeing some similarities?

And yes, in *theory*, you could try to argue that the True Blood ad is the original, but upon closer observation, it’s clearly not.

They’ve stretched out the guy’s torso a bit and lightened the skin tone to give Eric that nice “vampire-corpse” look, and air-brushed out the armpit hair.

And then they pasted Alex’s head onto it.

Exhibit B: It’s kind of hard to see here – I tried to blow it up so it’s going to be pixelated, but essentially what they did was take the pillow indentations from the side of the original guy’s head and copy and paste them above Alex’s head to mask the fact that the head sizes don’t line up.  (And yes, I’m anal enough that I tried it – perfect match.)

You can also see where they clone-brushed over his arm there. Just a little too much shadowing to match up quite right.

I dunno. Seems really weak to me. I know it’s a very common thing in Hollywood to do that for video covers and the like – particularly when an actor or actress isn’t quite as flawless up close as they need to be. But Mr. Skarsgard is smokin’ hot, so why the subterfuge?

Exhibit C:

See? Smokin’ hot.

Also note he’s got some chest hair going on here, another point against the True Blood ad.

And, just because I’m cool like that, here’s evidence that Mr. Skarsgard has absolutely *NO* issue doing nude scenes.

Courtesy of the Swedish film Hundtricket.

No need to thank me. 🙂

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6 Responses to True Blood Photoshop WTFkery.

  1. KAK says:

    I do love that he bites his bottom lip as he scrubs his junk… it was almost enough to distract me from ogling the chesty hairs.

  2. belle says:

    That's a well known and much beloved fan-made pic that's been in rotation since last year. MAke me all warm and tingly every time I see it. Don't think it's ever been passed off as "authentic"… 

  3. mynfel says:

    Awww…Now I feel like an ass. Alas.

  4. belle says:

    aww bb not to worry. watch the shower gif again – it's got healing qualities  😛

  5. Marin says:

    What's that noise? I belive it's the steady "drip drip drip" of drool off my lower lip.

  6. lola sharp says:

    I'm so team Eric. 
    Excellent use of time avoiding edits.  🙂

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